LeonHardiritt Ilios CV by SuperStar

 870.00 1'020.00

Available for Japanese cars (5×114) and EURO cars (5×112)

Black Clear Polish (Face 1 only) ( 60.00)
Titan Gradation
Silver Polish
Face 1
Face 2 ( 100.00)
5x108 ( 40.00)
5x112 ( 40.00)
5x115 ( 40.00)
5x120 (Face 1 only) ( 40.00)
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Leon Hardiritt Heritage Line – Ilios CV

Super Star Leon Hardiritt brings a sleek new wheel design!

  • Sizes in 20, 21 inches
  • Rim types: Normal, Reverse and double step.
  • Finish: Titan Gradation, Silver Polish, Black Clear Polish
  • This wheel comes in two models/faces, which can include/exclude screw caps, center plates, penetrating nuts. (see photos below)
    Examples: Face 1 :

    Leon Hardiritt Ilios CV Titan Gradation Face 1
    Titan Gradation

    Face 2 :

    Leon Hardiritt Ilios CV Titan Gradation Face 2
    Titan Gradation
  • PCDs : 5H-114.3 or 5H-100, 5H-108, 5H-110, 5H-112, 5H-115, 5H-120 (FACE1 only) (+40€)
  • Offset: See chart below.
  • Nut Hole diameter: 30
  • Each wheel includes:
    • FACE 1: Center cap, valve extension (19/20 inch only), air valve (SL-03, 21in SS-501)
    • FACE 2: Screw Cap, Center plate, wrench, air valve (SL-03, 21in SS-501), penetrating nut
Leon Hardiritt Ilios CV Wheel Size

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Wheel Size

20×8.0J, 20×8.5J, 20×9.0J, 20×9.5J, 20×10.0J, 20×10.5J, 20×11.0J, 20×11.5J, 20×12.0J, 21×8.5J, 21×9.0J, 21×9.5J, 21×10.0J, 21×10.5J, 21×11.0J, 21×11.5J, 21×12.0J


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